Why am I asked to provide my phone number?

The MINDBODY® app requests your phone number when you're signing up with a business for the first time. This is necessary so that the business can contact you if an issue arises with your booking, or if additional information is required. 

How does MINDBODY use my phone number?

Your phone number is shared only with the businesses you visit. MINDBODY will not contact you for marketing purposes or provide your phone number to any third parties.

Entering your phone number

You can enter your phone number at the bottom of the My Info screen.

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Why should I provide my phone number?

We strongly recommend providing your phone number so that businesses may contact you in case of a schedule change. You are only required to enter your number a single time; after that, your number will be automatically shared with any new business you visit.

If you have not entered your phone number on the My Info screen, you'll be asked to provide it when making a purchase, requesting a service, or joining a waitlist with a new business.

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