MINDBODY app widget

The MINDBODY® app widget allows you to view your scheduled classes and appointments, quickly access your Favorite businesses, and open the full app directly from your home screen. 

 Installing the widget

Note: Smartphone manufacturers often tailor the stock Android operating system to the needs of their particular device. If you're unsure how to access your device settings, please contact the manufacturer or the setup guide that was included with your phone.

  1. Find an empty spot on your home screen, then press down for three seconds.
  2. Tap the Widgets icon.
  3. Find MINDBODY in the widgets list, then press down on the widget for three seconds and drag it to an empty space on your home screen.

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Viewing your upcoming schedule

You can view your upcoming schedule by selecting the "clock" icon on the MINDBODY widget. Just tap on a service to launch the full app and view additional info for that reservation.

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Viewing your Favorite businesses

You can quickly access your Favorites list by selecting the "heart" icon on the MINDBODY widget. Just tap on a business name to launch the full app and we'll take you directly to that service provider's Business Details screen.

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Opening the MINDBODY app

With the MINDBODY widget, there's no need to keep a separate MINDBODY app icon on your home screen—simply tap on MINDBODY to launch the full app.

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Refreshing the widget

If you've made changes to your schedule or your Favorites list, and the updates aren't showing on the widget, tap the "refresh" icon. This instantly reloads the widget with the latest information from your MINDBODY app account.

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