Home screen

The Home screen is your starting point for all the MINDBODY® app has to offer. From this screen, you can explore the businesses in your area, view your favorite businesses, see your upcoming schedule, track your Fitbit® fitness activity, and purchase nearby Deals.


The Explore feature allows you to browse the fitness, wellness, and beauty services in your area. Select the service type you're looking for, then choose from the provided subcategories to see a list of matching businesses in your area.

Click here to learn more about finding businesses in your area.


Your Favorites screen provides easy access to your preferred businesses. When you register with the MINDBODY app, your mobile device syncs to your existing MINDBODY accounts and adds those businesses to the Favorites list. If a business is missing, you can add it to the list by tapping the heart icon on the business's profile screen.

You can also choose a single business to "pin" to the Home screen. This allows you to quickly access the business's schedule when you log in to the app.

Click here to learn more about managing your favorite businesses.

My Schedule / My Activity

The My Schedule screen allows you to see future bookings and past visits, rate your completed classes and appointments, and rebook a service with a business.

You can swipe right on this tile to access the My Activity screen.

If you've connected your Fitbit™ account to the MINDBODY app, you'll see the number of calories burned during your last session. Otherwise, tapping this section will take you directly to the "Connect your Fitbit" screen.

If you don't use a Fitbit device, you can swipe to the right to view a count of your scheduled classes.

Click here to learn how to sync your Fitbit.


Deals are introductory specials offered by the businesses in your area. The MINDBODY app will display up to eight nearby deals at the bottom of the Home screen. You can quickly swipe between them and select one that piques your interest, or tap Deals Near Me to see the the full list.

Click here to learn more about Deals.

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