My Info screen

The My Info screen allows you to manage your client profile, payment methods, and passes held with local businesses. You can access this screen from the navigation menu on the left side of your screen.


My Info

The My Info section is where you'll enter your contact information. When you visit a business for the first time, these details are used to create your new client profile with the business. You can access it by tapping Edit at the top right corner of your screen.

Note: Updating your contact information through the app will not update your existing profile with a business.

Tap your profile picture to upload an image from your phone, or take a new one. Scroll further down the screen to provide your first name, last name, home address, and phone number. Click here to learn why we request a phone number when using the MINDBODY app.

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You can store debit and credit cards, your MINDBODY® Card, or gift cards from local businesses through the Payment section of the app. Just tap the Payment button to access this screen.

From the Payment screen, you can immediately add cards to your MINDBODY app. Once added, you can quickly access all of your stored cards throughout the app and speed through the booking process.

  • Note: You can't add a gift card through this screen because gift cards are unique to the business from which they are sold. Once you've redeemed a gift card with a business, however, you'll be able to track its balance here.

Click here for more information on adding payment methods in the MINDBODY app.

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Any active passes you've purchased or synced with the MINDBODY app will be stored here. Just tap the Passes button to access this screen.

From the Passes screen, you can see how many sessions you have remaining and how long you have to use your pass. If you'd like to book a class or appointment, just tap on a pass and the MINDBODY app will provide you with a list of eligible services.

Click here for more information on tracking your remaining visits in the MINDBODY app.

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