Find a business

MINDBODY® uses the location services on your phone to find nearby businesses. When searching for a business in your immediate area, you can expand the search radius up to 25 miles.

Explore businesses in your area

The Explore feature allows you to browse the fitness, wellness, and beauty services in your area. Select the service type you're looking for, then choose from the provided subcategories to see a list of matching businesses in your area.

  1. Tap Explore on the Home screen.
  2. Choose a type of service (e.g., "Fitness"). You'll narrow your search in the next step.
  3. Choose a subcategory (e.g., "Yoga").
  4. Select a business in your area.

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Searching for a specific business or service

Already know what you're looking for? Enter a business name or service type in the "Business name or keyword" field and the MINDBODY app will display matching results within a 10 mile radius. If the app can't find a match, it will expand its search to 25 miles and try again.

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Adjusting your search radius

When looking for a business in your area, the MINDBODY app displays locations within a 5 mile radius. You can expand, or narrow, the search radius by tapping the filter icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

The Sort & Filter menu will then allow you to expand your search radius.

You can also sort the businesses in your area by rating. Click here to learn more.

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Map view

When browsing businesses, you can tap the map icon in the top right to display the businesses in your area as pins on a map.

Tap the list icon to return to List view.

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