Liability waivers

You may need to complete a liability waiver before booking services with a MINDBODY® business. If a waiver is required, and this is your first visit to the business, the MINDBODY app will allow you to complete the form directly from your mobile device.

When reserving a class:

  1. Tap Review Liability Waiver.
  2. Read the business's liability waiver. Tap Agree to proceed, or the back button to return to the previous screen.
  3. Sign your name, then tap Submit.
  4. Tap Book Now to complete your reservation.

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Things to know

  • The MINDBODY app will only prompt you to sign a waiver if you are new to a business. If you've visited in the past, or the business has implemented new agreement terms, you may need to fill out a liability waiver through your web browser or in person.
  • The MINDBODY app uploads the completed waiver to your client profile held with the business. If the owner allows it, you may view this completed waiver by logging into the business's MINDBODY page through your web browser.

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