Why your Fitbit® app may show different activity data

The fitness activity you see in the MINDBODY® app might not match the data you see in your Fitbit® account. The MINDBODY app looks at the scheduled time of your class, appointment, or enrollment, and displays Fitbit data for that time frame. If class start early, or runs a little late, the MINDBODY app won't pick up those extra minutes of activity.

For example...

Let's say your 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM class runs a little late, and your Fitbit device shows you actually worked out until 1:05 PM. Because the class was only scheduled to run until 1:00 PM, the MINDBODY app won't capture this extra five minutes.

Fitbit data is also not available for visits scheduled as “TBD” by the business. In these instances, the MINDBODY app will display data for the full day.





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