How can I see my position on the waitlist?

You can view your current position on the waitlist by selecting the class from the My Schedule screen.

  1. Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Select Schedule from the main menu.
  3. Tap on a waitlisted class.
  4. Your position on the waitlist is displayed above the class name.

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What if I joined the waitlist in person?

No worries! Whether you signed up in person, online, or using the MINDBODY® app, you can always see your current position on the waitlist.

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How will I know I've been added to a class?

When you're added to a class, the status on the schedule screen will change to "booked."

If the business allows it, you'll also receive a confirmation email or text message when you are added to the class.

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