How do I create a MINDBODY® app account?

You'll need to register a new account when using the MINDBODY® app for the first time. This is necessary even if you've already created an account with a local MINDBODY business — your MINDBODY app profile is only used on your mobile device.

When signing up, make sure to use the same first and last name that you use at MINDBODY businesses. In order to automatically sync your accounts, you'll want to use the same email address as well. If you choose to use a different email address, then you'll need to manually sync your accounts. Click here to learn how.

  1. Launch the MINDBODY app and select Continue with email.
  2. Enter your email address, then tap Next. (Existing users will be asked to log in.)
  3. Enter a password, then tap Next.

  4. Enter your first name, last name, location, and email preference, then tap Create Account.

Now, simply log in to your email account to confirm your address and sync your MINDBODY accounts with the app.

Signing up with your Facebook account

Click here to learn how.



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